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Asus Eee PC

The Eee PC 1000HE Netbook Computer from ASUS is a tiny computer, designed with ultra-portability in mind. The two pound system is an ideal traveling companion. Its 10" screen is perfect for watching videos when traveling. It features standard 802.11g Wi-Fi, allowing you to hop on to wireless networks and hotspots with ease.

If you require further information regarding this service please do to hesitate and contact us.

Disaster Recovery – Off Site Solutions

Using the Ahsay Backup Software you can further ensure your data is secure and retrievable in the event of of a major failure.

We offer the most competive Business Rates. Please contact us for futher information on 0845 899 0016

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Our products are the some of the most competive prices found on the web, we support a wide range of devices from laptop, notebooks, desktops, cameras, printers and faxes.

We use products from the industry's leaders from companies such as IBM, Lenovo, Sony, HP, Samsung and Acer.We specialise in the technology out now and are geared to supporting any new future products.

Our hardware systems are designed for customers who demand highly-reliable,
stable, manageable and easily serviced systems with exceptional performance qualities.

The systems can be designed and configured to meet your specific business needs and can be installed by our qualified engineers.

If you want to find the right system for you, simply call us and we will be able to find the best solution for your needs.

Some of our customers want to save money, others outsource to benefit from access to staff with a high skill set, and more organisations are outsourcing their IT requirements to reduce the burden on management

Whatever your reasons, outsourcing either your IT support or entire IT department to Bullet-Systems will dramatically improve your return on IT investment in some way. Contact us to discuss how your organisation can benefit from the following;

Reduced Downtime & Cost Savings: No need to employ a full time in-house IT Dept.

• Diversity of Skills: Array of knowledge and expertise at your disposal.

• Reliability & Availability: No sickness or holidays to worry about or pay for.

• Experience: Over 20 years industry experience and expertise.

• Bespoke Services: Support contracts to suit your requirements and a single point of contact for
   consultancy, installation and support.

• Up-to-the-minute Technology: Latest solutions offering scaleability, flexibility and affordability.


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